Superior Executive Intelligence
For Superior Executive Decisions

Strategic leadership and executive consultation services.

Executives at large organizations know the value of data in making informed business decisions. But making big advancements in measurement can be an enormous undertaking requiring you to take risk to champion an idea, navigate politics and policy, map out strategic and technological implications, vet and secure the right partners, and undertake change management initiatives in order to shepherd your idea to reality with right people on board.

Despite the challenges, the need to access and leverage high quality data and take on bold and competitive initiatives in marketing has never been more acute.

Since 2009, Napkyn Analytics has advised some of the web’s most prominent executives on how to implement and leverage high quality data to make super decisions for their businesses. Through our VIP consultation services, our most Senior Team can work one-on-one and together with your most strategic Marketing, Technology, and Finance leaders to provide exclusive, custom tailored counsel and strategy to ensure your audacious idea is assured and successful ... without the foolhardy risk.

With our expert consultation, you can strategically plan with precision how to tackle your biggest and most complex measurement objectives.

  • Align eCommerce sales data with financial records, including cost of goods sold (COGS), to understand true return on advertising spend (ROAS).
  • Big data? No problem. Automatically integrate large sets of offline and online data from across your business in a scalable and secure way.
  • Align data across customer touch points from online lead capture to CRM to Call Centers.
  • Normalize the way you label and measure data across your business to ensure success means the same thing across departments.
  • Plan large scale migrations and the launch of new and integrated technology systems for your measurement infrastructure.

If you want to measure it, we can help you make it a reality.

Join our portfolio of some of the most influential Retail and eCommerce, B2B, and Lead Generation clients and see how superior executive intelligence leads to superior executive decisions.