This will be the third and last (for now) in our Napkyn Classics: Smart Thinking Never Goes out of Style” series. All written 10 years ago, they all share not only a pop-culture reference, but have stood the passing of time. If you missed the previous posts you can find them here: “Alfred, Robin, and […]

Data blending on Data Studio dashboards is a powerful feature that allows you to create your own custom rates, including custom metrics and completion/drop-off rates between event-based interactions. Rates are a great way to provide a quick, context-rich measurement of key user interactions with your site. Why Create Your Own Custom Rates Using Data Blending? […]

It’s no secret that in the highly competitive world of data driven marketing, media agencies and enterprises that win are those investing in growing advanced analytics capabilities. With Google Analytics 360 (GA360) media agencies can begin to deliver new advanced capabilities in marketing analytics, and first-party data audience strategy to succeed through the privacy restrictions […]

With everything happening currently in the world – COVID19, isolation, etc., it’s not uncommon that a lot of website owners are noticing an increase in traffic. People already spent a lot of time online, but now, more and more users are replacing store visits with button clicks. For businesses, this is great news and if […]

Enterprise marketing leaders know the impact a dedicated analytics department can bring to an organization. Their data analysts allow them to move from talking about the promise of data-driven to realizing the value of being data-driven. Tasked with supplying the executive intelligence & insight that leads to superior decision making, a first rate analytics team […]

Napkyn’s Unsolicited Strategy Audit: Indochino, Part I

by Jim Cain

In this blog, we often talk about best practices at the ’20-thousand-foot’ level. This is for good reason: discussing specific findings we have made for our clients would violate the analyst/boss relationship, and also get us sued. In order to show the real world impact that a proper measurement framework can have on a retailer, […]