Digital analytics consulting and engineering consultancy expands portfolio with new line of services geared toward helping clients confidently evolve to GA4 as their analytics source of truth. Napkyn, a leading analytics consultancy, today announced it has expanded its portfolio with a range of services designed to help brands successfully transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).  […]

There have been some pretty big changes in the world of marketing in the  past 20 years, some of the big ones that come to mind are the introduction of PPC in 2002,   the launch of Remarketing in AdWords in 2010, the end of SEO (at least how we knew it to  that point) […]

Realtime lets you monitor activity on your app or website site as it happens. It lets you see not only how users enter the conversion funnel, but how they behave once they’re there, for example: The number of users during the last 30 minutes (per minute). Users by source, medium, or campaign: Where your users are […]

You hear a lot of mixed reviews about GA4 these days.  But one of my favorite things about GA4 is it gives you the opportunity and ability to turn your old thinking on its head. With GA4, you no longer focus on (outdated) things like page views and sessions. Now, everything is more interaction (event) […]

With GA4 near ‘road readiness,’ Napkyn wants to help you understand what attribution in 2021 looks like.   New reports: model comparison, conversion paths Attribution settings in Admin Deprecating last-engagement models GA360 version This event is now available as an on-demand recording, and is a must-watch for: Anyone interested in the latest GA4 developments Marketers responsible […]

Napkyn has two complimentary webinars this week, please join us for one, or both! Space is limited so please register today. Marketing Analytics and Data Science: Ask the Experts Wednesday, August 18th, 2:00 PM EST Napkyn CEO, Jim Cain will be participating in the Marketing Analytics and Data Science (MADS) 2021, pre-conference “Ask the Experts” webinar on […]

What is this new feature about? How many default reports in Google Analytics does your team use on a regular basis? I bet not too many, and those they do use need adjustments to be useful? Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer anymore! Google has rolled out a new feature in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) […]