As a leading Google Partner, Napkyn Analytics is privileged to closely collaborate with many of Google’s analytics and media teams to bring world-class technology and solutions to our clients. With that, we were very proud that Google released a case study on our industry-leading executive dashboarding work with Lucky Brand Jeans that leverages Google Marketing […]

So much of digital analytics is an artefact of how it all began, and it began with some pretty serious limitations. Even if you’re a digital analyst by trade, to do your job well you need to start looking at the bigger picture. And then there were hits Digital analytics got its start when people […]

Managing HiPPO Prime: The CFO

by Jim Cain

It’s been a long few weeks, and one of them was spent in lovely San Francisco at the eMetrics Summit. Of all the industry events, these are my favourite because of the high quality sessions and the number of very talented peers that I get to talk shop with. A few high level themes really stood […]

Executive Dashboard Tip: The Elevator Ask

by Jim Cain

I had a very enjoyable lunch last week with a few technology executives, where the focus of our discussion was on creating dashboards and reports that the CEO will want to read (one of my favorite topics). We were talking about different approaches to initial dashboard builds for a CEO, and all the approaches were […]

Magnifying Glasses, Microscopes and Web Analytics

by Jim Cain

We have been talking to and working with a lot of companies this year for web analytics, and an interesting trend has been emerging with the executives that we are dealing with. Most digital decision makers we talk to either want to have Napkyn deliver ‘magnifying glass’ focused consulting on a few critical business metrics […]