While we don’t deliberately create these lists, every year over the holidays we have the time and space at the office to talk shop, what our big wins were for the year, what we could have done better, and what we’d like to do next.  Inevitably, we start talking about ‘things we wish were happening’. […]

You are an informed marketing leader. You know how to make your website and marketing technology work for you. You understand how good data informs the needs of your business and helps you take effective action. You know that marketing measurement is an iterative process, and have selected your next goals for data enrichment. You’re […]

Napkyn Analytics is very proud to share that we have successfully earned DoubleClick Campaign Manager Individual Certifications (DCM IC) across all of our department teams. While we have been helping our clients measure marketing performance for years, these certifications mark an important milestone in our agency’s development. One that will ensure we continue to provide […]

Co-authored by Ed Finn and Pat Cooney. Recently, Apple made changes to the way that Safari 11 will handle cookie data. Apple calls this Intelligent Tracking Prevention. These changes will significantly effect advertisers and vendors who make extensive use of third party cookie data. Generally speaking, if you’ve been using third party cookies to send […]

Canadian shoppers increasingly buying online

by Ben Myers

Canadians spent 18% more online in 2009 than in 2007, according to Stats Canada. That number shot up to $15.1-billion. From the CBC report: The agency said 39 per cent of Canadians aged 16 and over used the internet to place more than 95 million orders in 2009 — up from 32 per cent and […]

Web Analyst Code of Ethics: Good for business.

by Jim Cain

I am getting most of my research done now while I rock the baby to sleep every night.  He’s not much of a sleeper so I am getting a LOT of work done. Last night something in particular jumped out at me that could be the most interesting piece of industry news I have read […]

Web analyst salary update

by Ben Myers

A new salary guide produced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada reinforces what Napkyn has been telling potential clients for about a year now: In-house Web Analysts can cost some serious coin. The guide shows that Senior Web Analyst salary starts at $60,000-70,000 and goes up with five or more years of experience. The […]

Managing Limitations: A Brief History of Web Analytics

by Jim Cain

Web Analytics, while still very much an emerging discipline, is constantly under intense scrutiny by its practitioners. Not surprising, since the entire goal of the space is about clear understanding and continuous improvement. In the early 90s, web analytics was not a marketing activity. Rather it was about technical performance of the website, and the […]