SPC – have you heard of it? Probably not. Statistical Process Control (SPC). I learned about if from an incredibly interesting webinar featuring Nick Desbarats explaining why most dashboards fail and how SPC can help save them. I won’t go into detail of its origin, but you should read these great posts for background. Four Thresholds.- Automatically Flag Metrics – More […]

A while ago I wrote an article about A/A tests and reasons why this type of test may not be the best option with Google Optimize when the objective is to make sure all the implementation was properly done. The idea to do deployment validation with an A/A test was actually Jim’s (Napkyn CEO) idea. […]

Recently, Napkyn Analytics’ Chief Technologist, Nick Bennett, was invited to speak at Google’s annual, invite-only Data & Analytics Summit.  Held November 12th & 13th, the focus of the Summit was two-fold. The theme for Day one was “Shining a light on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Analytics Community”, and on day two, the […]

Data blending on Data Studio dashboards is a powerful feature that allows you to create your own custom rates, including custom metrics and completion/drop-off rates between event-based interactions. Rates are a great way to provide a quick, context-rich measurement of key user interactions with your site. Why Create Your Own Custom Rates Using Data Blending? […]

It’s not a mystery that when something new is implemented, the development team wants to make sure it is working before actually deploying the new configuration to Production. Not doing so can cause not only the no-flow of data but in some cases, it can even break your website (WordPress developers know what I’m talking […]

App + Web Ecommerce Tracking Part 1: Pre-Checkout Eventing

by Rob English

My attempt at deploying my App + Web Ecommerce tags using the Universal Analytics dataLayer Earlier this year, Google gave us our first look at the new dataLayer schema for Ecommerce handling, in App + Web.  When first launched, after reading the documentation, there was something that stood out as a little concerning for me.   […]