Napkyn Analytics Chief Executive Officer, Jim Cain, to present at MADS 2021, October 25th, 2021. Napkyn Analytics, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform today announced that Napkyn’s Chief Executive Officer, Jim Cain, will be speaking at Marketing Analytics and Data Science 2021 on October 25th, […]

Napkyn has two complimentary webinars this week, please join us for one, or both! Space is limited so please register today. Marketing Analytics and Data Science: Ask the Experts Wednesday, August 18th, 2:00 PM EST Napkyn CEO, Jim Cain will be participating in the Marketing Analytics and Data Science (MADS) 2021, pre-conference “Ask the Experts” webinar on […]

Napkyn CEO and Founder, Jim Cain to participate in MADS 2021 “Ask the Experts” Webinar on August 18th, at 2:00 PM Are you eager to connect with experts on the cutting edge of marketing analytics and data science trends, technologies, and best practices? Then join us on Wednesday, August 18, 11 AM PST/2 PM EST, […]

In March I introduced my 4 C’s Framework in the article “The 4 C’s for Executives: Create, Connect, Control, Commercialize”. In this post, which is really a precursor to the last one, I’d like to talk about data democratization as it relates to this framework.  But let’s step back a bit first. For the last […]

Have you missed any of our webinars? Or, are there some you’d like to watch again, (or again and again)? We’ve made it easier by creating a webinar channel, a one-stop shop for Napkyn webinars. All of our webinars are free to view and available 24×7. Popular topics include AdTech Privacy and Google Analytics 4. […]

Our AdTech Privacy Webinar, “What You Need to Know to Continue to Measure Success in a Cookie-less World” is now available on-demand. This one-hour presentation begins with a Fireside Chat with Google’s Sharen Phillips, Head of US Channel Sales Partners, and Napkyn CEO, Jim Cain. They discuss some of the most important aspects of this broad topic […]

Often when you hear or read about the evolution of something, it’s framed as a journey (although one company I worked for had an incredibly inappropriate ‘evolution’ slide that lacked any political correctness, and was presented boldly and proudly in sales meetings). Anyhow, back to the journey. Evolution is presented as this scenic journey down […]

The global embrace of data is creating major stress in businesses. Despite over a decade of using phrases like ‘data-driven’, ‘big data’, ‘data science’ ad nauseum, there really hasn’t been as much progress on running with numbers as most businesses would like. Since the dawn of digital analytics (aka the ‘late 90s’), there has been […]

With everything that has been happening in the World – with Covid especially – more and more people are using apps and online options to do their purchases. Groceries, construction materials, general stuff for the house, and more. As per Business Of Apps, when the iOS App Store launched in 2008, they had 500 apps. […]