On January 21st, the latest round of Cookie updates were released on the major browser players in the market. Although we understand there are many others out there, it’s fair to say these are the ones currently setting the rules. That being said, here are the updates that you should be aware of. Firefox – […]

GA4 fun today! It is so easy to update your basic tagging settings (well, once you know where they are). From the Property Settings section in the Admin page of your GA4 account, select Data Streams and click the stream you want to update. Scroll down and select Additional Settings. We’re not talking about the […]

SPC – have you heard of it? Probably not. Statistical Process Control (SPC). I learned about if from an incredibly interesting webinar featuring Nick Desbarats explaining why most dashboards fail and how SPC can help save them. I won’t go into detail of its origin, but you should read these great posts for background. Four Thresholds.- Automatically Flag Metrics – More […]

This will be the third and last (for now) in our Napkyn Classics: Smart Thinking Never Goes out of Style” series. All written 10 years ago, they all share not only a pop-culture reference, but have stood the passing of time. If you missed the previous posts you can find them here: “Alfred, Robin, and […]

A while ago I wrote an article about A/A tests and reasons why this type of test may not be the best option with Google Optimize when the objective is to make sure all the implementation was properly done. The idea to do deployment validation with an A/A test was actually Jim’s (Napkyn CEO) idea. […]

Last week I posted “Alfred, Robin, and how to be a Great Analyst”, the first in our“ Napkyn Classics: Smart Thinking Never Goes out of Style” series. Like that one, this post was also written 10 years ago but I think it still holds true today.  We use way more pop culture references in the office […]

Recently, I came across some blog posts I’d written in 2011, it was a bit like opening a 10-year-old time capsule. Some of the topics were no longer relevant and somewhat amusing simply because of how far digital measurement has come since they were written, but I was pleased to see that several of them […]

Recently, Napkyn Analytics’ Chief Technologist, Nick Bennett, was invited to speak at Google’s annual, invite-only Data & Analytics Summit.  Held November 12th & 13th, the focus of the Summit was two-fold. The theme for Day one was “Shining a light on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Analytics Community”, and on day two, the […]

Every website is based on information a user (owner) or company put together in order to sell products, services, or to share knowledge. It usually starts with an idea, moves to a drawing board, then to a wireframe, to a coding process, and finally, a website. But that’s not the end. New pages will invariably […]