Heuristics. That’s a good word – a practical way of solving a problem that produces a, potentially not optimal, solution but is good enough based on constraints. The reason I love this word is because, back in the day (pre-machine learning), that (Advanced Heuristics) was a setting option that web analytics software ClickTracks, had and […]

Last week, Joy Brazelle reviewed some of the new features in Google Ads. If you missed the post, you can read it here. Today, we’re going to focus more on the “How To” side of things for one of the new features, Tag Assistant Support. . Tag Assistant helps confirm your conversion tags are working […]

I’ve been feeling a little reminiscent lately, so I thought I’d dust off a post I wrote a year ago. I hope you enjoy it! A (fairly) new ‘The Ad Platform: eMarketer Podcast’ tackled the question’Why the Buy Side Wants Log-Level Data.’ So, I ask you the question, ‘Why would the buy side NOT want log-level […]

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here. In Part 1 of this post I talked about the battle around data that is occurring between departments in almost every company – collecting it, accessing it, sharing it, governing it, etc.- in order to use it to transform the business. I explained the problems […]

Part 1: A 4 Cs Prologue Whether you’re a midsized company or a billion dollar enterprise, there’s a battle happening in your business that you may not be aware of, and you’d better understand it if you want to turn it into victory. As has been repeated ad nauseum over the last few years, data […]

Considering that in most organizations there is a clear and frustrating disconnect between the executives who want data and the analysts who create and work with it, sometimes data can seem like a four letter word. Add in the havoc of the current deprecation and ultimate extinction of the third-party cookie, and the expletive level […]

Napkyn Analytics to participate in MADS 2021, as a Bronze Sponsor Napkyn Analytics, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform, today announced it is a Bronze sponsor of Informa’s Marketing Analytics and Data Analytics 2021 conference. MADS gathering of thought leaders, industry experts and partners in […]

Do you want to push the boundaries of your talents in digital analytics? Do you want to work alongside global agencies, Fortune 1000 companies, and data-driven executives and marketing and IT leaders? Do you value a flexible, family-friendly work environment that comes with a great vacation and benefits program? If you answered yes to any […]

With GA4 near ‘road readiness,’ Napkyn wants to help you understand what attribution in 2021 looks like.   New reports: model comparison, conversion paths Attribution settings in Admin Deprecating last-engagement models GA360 version This event is now available as an on-demand recording, and is a must-watch for: Anyone interested in the latest GA4 developments Marketers responsible […]

Did you miss the MADS “Ask the Experts” pre-conference webinar that aired live on August 18th? On August 18, Napkyn CEO and Founder Jim Cain took part in this pre-conference webinar for the Marketing Analytics and Data Science Conference 2021 taking place in Florida in October. This was a chance to hear hand-picked Marketing Analytics […]