As organizations are under increasing pressure to provide enhanced digital experiences, investment in updates, upgrades, and redesigns to site content is also ramping up to achieve success and competitive differentiation.  Measuring the impact of these changes requires a consistent measurement strategy. A good measurement strategy needs time.  Time to review the details of changes being […]

A while ago I wrote an article about A/A tests and reasons why this type of test may not be the best option with Google Optimize when the objective is to make sure all the implementation was properly done. The idea to do deployment validation with an A/A test was actually Jim’s (Napkyn CEO) idea. […]

It’s not a mystery that when something new is implemented, the development team wants to make sure it is working before actually deploying the new configuration to Production. Not doing so can cause not only the no-flow of data but in some cases, it can even break your website (WordPress developers know what I’m talking […]

App + Web Ecommerce Tracking Part 1: Pre-Checkout Eventing

by Rob English

My attempt at deploying my App + Web Ecommerce tags using the Universal Analytics dataLayer Earlier this year, Google gave us our first look at the new dataLayer schema for Ecommerce handling, in App + Web.  When first launched, after reading the documentation, there was something that stood out as a little concerning for me.   […]

In my previous posts on Google Analytics 360’s BigQuery export, I outlined the basics of the Google Analytics 360-BigQuery integration, and some introductory lessons on how to query the data once you have it. Now, it’s time to get a little more sophisticated. In that first post, I mentioned that Google Analytics 360’s BigQuery export […]

In a previous post, I covered the basics of setting up the Google Analytics 360 BigQuery Export, and covered some details about the schema that export provides. In this post, I want to start digging in to the fun part: querying the Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery. Now, this post requires a very basic […]

How To Use The Google Tag Manager API

by Adam Hill

Using the Google Tag Manager (GTM) API can be a frustrating exercise. Client libraries in particular have limited documentation to learn from and even fewer concrete examples. In this post, I’ll explain the PHP client library (available here) and how to use it for some common auditing operations. Getting Started Setup Setting up the GTM […]