Tara McClinchey

Analyst, and Data Studio Practice Lead

As a member of Napkyn's Analyst Team and Practice Lead for Google Data Studio, Tara is an expert in telling the story behind the data through data analysis, rich visualizations, and client consultation and training.

Posts by Tara McClinchey

The holidays sneak up on me every year. As Black Friday approaches, I’m starting to do research on what to buy my close friends and family. I’m taking my time, clicking on the URLs that have been compiled as wish lists and sent to me, and perusing the product lists for other gift ideas. I […]

Visualising funnels in Google Data Studio takes some creativity without a default widget available. You may have built a funnel using scorecard widgets and rectangles or an uploaded image of an inverted triangle. We have used scorecard widgets with arrows between them. Scorecards work well to show the static performance of each step in your […]

You have completed your Data Studio report and are ready to share it – except for one thing. Maybe the URLs in the table are too long or their page paths are unidentifiable. Maybe the table contains a list of YouTube videos that are identified by a string of letters and numbers. Maybe you are […]

One benefit of using Data Studio for building reports is that you can customize dimensions, and now we can use regular expression (regex) matching (the [crayon-5f739f1476707755072532-i/] function) to regroup values of a dimension. Let’s say you are part of a sales team for an international company, and are responsible for Ontario and Quebec regions in Canada. You […]