Ricardo Cristofolini

Implementation Specialist

I’m passionate about what I do. If you meet my manager or co-workers, they would say I’m a team player, engaged and always excited to learn something new. Like everyone else I have some flaws. However I’m not afraid to work around those to bring the best in myself and for the company.

Posts by Ricardo Cristofolini

Google Tag Manager (GTM) can have many applications and it can save you a lot of headaches when properly utilized. From a single place to add all the necessary scripts, to site performance and user advantages, GTM can help developers and marketers from all sides. However, a specific structure that is only available within GTM360 […]

With everything happening currently in the world – COVID19, isolation, etc., it’s not uncommon that a lot of website owners are noticing an increase in traffic. People already spent a lot of time online, but now, more and more users are replacing store visits with button clicks. For businesses, this is great news and if […]