Peter Adamson

Implementation Specialist, and Google Tag Manager Practice Lead

Peter is an Implementation Specialist and Practice Lead for Google Tag Manager. He partners with our enterprise client development stakeholders to help guide them through and assure the quality of their most sophisticated analytics infrastructure requirements.

Posts by Peter Adamson

Recently a number of our partners have begun porting their content to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) –  a Google-led open source project that facilitates super-fast-loading mobile content. AMP enforces strict limitations on developers and content to ensure code is optimized for speed. Part of this optimization is the requirement to use lighter versions of Google […]

I wanted to write a little about the management part of tag management, and this is the first of a few posts I intend to write on the topic of good tag management governance. I’ve seen too many examples of tag managers be misused, becoming bloated, broken, and beyond saving. This is a problem that […]

Over the past few months, Napkyn has helped clients get up-and-running with Google’s new A/B testing tool Optimize 360. In our experience so far, it is a pretty great tool for targeting and optimizing experiments primarily because it features an intuitive interface and plays well with other tools within the marketing suite. Optimize 360 can be […]

Updated by Rob English, Analytics Implementation Specialist (June 26, 2019) Since this post was originally published, our internal process and recommendation on how to set the Tracking ID and other GA tag parameters has changed.  We now recommend using the Google Analytics Settings Variable. As originally documented, in order to set the Tracking ID for […]