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Napkyn Analytics is a digital analytics consulting and engineering company that provides services across Data Enablement, Data Quality, Data Analysis and Data Activation.

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If you missed our “4 Cool Things You Can do With GA4” webinar that took place on March 25th, we have good news, a recording on the event is now available, and it can be accessed 24/7. Geared toward marketers, advertisers, data analysts, and implementation specialists, this presentation explores GA4’s coolest new features when combined […]

Join Napkyn Analytics on Tuesday, April 20 at 2:00 pm, for “3 Questions Your Analytics Team Should be Answering Before You Even Ask” and you’ll leave with a new way to approach your analytics – asking real business questions, thinking about analytics as more than reports derived by tags on your pages and how to […]

ATT, IDFV, and IDFA: Changes, Implications & Impacts toMobile Advertising, and Recommendations for Moving Forward Apple has not been hesitant to share its view on global data privacy reforms. In 2019, Apple CEO, Tim Cook spoke at the Computers, Privacy, and Data Protection (CPDP) conference in Brussels stating “It is time worldwide laws and new […]

Join Napkyn Analytics’ Joy Brazelle on March 25th, at 1:00 PM Eastern for this one-hour webinar and explore GA4’s 4 coolest features when combined with your existing Google Analytics reports:  What’s Covered? 1- Old Meets New – Old answers drive new questions.  Use UA as a launchpad for a deeper dive in GA4 2 – […]

It’s happening.  But actually, it has been happening for a while now.   Why it’s Happening  People are more concerned with their privacy online as they have become increasingly aware of (and frustrated with) ads ‘following them around’, and sites they’ve never been to before knowing things about them.  They’ve expressed the need, or maybe even […]

Digital analytics consulting and engineering company expands portfolio with a new line of services geared toward helping clients successfully navigate Google Analytics 4. Napkyn Analytics, a leading analytics consultancy, today announced it has expanded its portfolio with a range of services designed to help brands quickly and easily understand and implement Google’s newly released analytics […]

Over the past 10 years, arguably one of the biggest transformations in the business world is the shift from decisions being made based on isolated data usage and “ gut instinct” to a data-driven approach where strategic decisions are based on data analysis and interpretation. Not surprising, the sheer amount of data that is now […]

This is Part 2 of the “World of Analytics” interview with Napkyn COO Nish Patel, and CEO, Jim Cain. Part 1 focused on 2020 and events that occurred that impacted analytics; including new legislation, COVID 19, and the beginnings of the cookieless world.  In Part 2, Nish and Jim discuss artificial intelligence and machine learning, […]

Recently, Napkyn COO, Nish Patel sat down with CEO, Jim Cain to take a look back on the World of Analytics in 2020, ahead to the rest of 2021 and beyond. Part 1 of this two-part interview focuses on 2020 and events that occurred that impacted analytics; including new legislation, COVID 19, and the beginnings […]