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The following is part 3 in this series, if you need to catch up, here is part 1 and part 2 or download the complete guide. In this installement we’re looking at How to Create Predictive Audiences in GA4: Step 1: From property click Configure. You will need to make a selection from the available […]

Do you realize how third-party cookie deprecation can affect your advertising performance? You could lose $10 billion in revenue because of the limited ad customization options you’d be left with. Google also suspects that publishers will deprive themselves of 50-70% of their profits if they don’t adopt an alternative approach to advertising data collection – […]

Last week we released the first in our Predictive Audiences in GA4 series. If you missed it you can read it here. In today’s post we’re going to look at the prerequisites required to apply predictive audiences. In order to apply the predictive audiences, there are several prerequisites. If they are not met, there would […]

Since Google plans to replace Universal Analytics (UA) with Google Analytics (GA4) in July 2023, you may think you have plenty of time to make the transition. Wrong.  If you want things to go smoothly, switching to GA4 should be on your priority list. Both the tools have contrasting frameworks, so transitioning from UA to […]

Data analysts and digital marketers preparing to leave UA have tons of questions about data sampling in GA4, wondering if they’ll face similar challenges as with the previous version.  So, here it is: there are significant differences in how UA and GA4 sample data and when they do it.  Data Sampling in GA4 Reporting in […]

One of the most exciting new features for marketers in GA4 is predictive modeling and with it, the ability to build predictive audiences. So what is a predictive audience?  It’s an audience with at least one condition based on a predictive metric. For example, you could build an audience for ‘likely 7-day purchasers’ that includes […]

Napkyn  is pleased to announce it placed No. 252 on the 2022 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies. Canada’s Top Growing Companies ranks Canadian companies on three-year revenue growth. Napkyn earned its spot with three-year growth of 148%.  Founded in 2009 and built on innovation and dedication to excellence, Napkyn, a full […]

Napkyn to participate in Measure Summit 2022, as Chat Room Sponsor Napkyn, a leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform announced today that it will participate in Measure Summit 2022 as the official Chat Room Sponsor.  Hosted by Chris “Mercer” Mercer, Creator of, and Julian Juenemann, […]

Since its release as free software in 2018, Google Data Studio has constantly updated to include improved and advanced features for digital marketers.    For those who don’t know, Data Studio is a powerful data visualization tool created by Google to help marketers make better decisions with their data. It allows you to create reports and […]

On August 16, 2022, Google announced changes to its Data-Driven Attribution model to improve its accuracy. The new model, will be more accurate for conversion types with low conversion volume or short data history. Consequently, fractional credit will be assigned for more conversion types than before.  This is great news for businesses that want to […]