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In every discipline there are truisms that are well known by all but never discussed in public. There are several in our industry (place ad industry reporting joke here …) but one of the most pervasive is around the never ending disagreement between the IT department and the marketing department, especially when it comes to […]

Dear Internet, As I’m sure you are, everyone at Team Napkyn is looking forward to a few weeks of holiday time off and fun in the sun (or as it’s known in Ottawa: Woe in the Snow). We’ve had a firecracker of a 2017 and continued to grow and learn a lot.  A huge holiday […]

Google Analytics can do what? 3 examples of advanced data upload for ecommerce

by Jim Cain

While Google Analytics (GA) has millions of enthusiastic users, there is still an unfortunate opinion in large businesses that it isn’t ‘ready for prime time’ in the enterprise. This is no longer the case. GA is much easier to implement, more cost effective and in many ways way more powerful (I’m looking at you attribution) […]

Introducing: The Digital Analytics Power Hour

by Jim Cain

Happy 2015 everyone! I tend to write at least one blog post a year where I promise that we will get better at consistent blogging. We are just too darn busy doing analysis to remember to blog about it, and it’s a shame — we have a lot to share. While I hope we step […]

So you want to be a senior analyst: a four-job roadmap

by Jim Cain

Digital Analysts are in high demand, and there really aren’t that many of us–yet. I get asked often by prospective analysts about how someone can advance their career in this industry. I also get asked often by firms looking hire or develop a ‘senior analyst’ what the best steps are. The breakdown below illustrates the […]

Introducing Analysis Engine, Enterprise Middleware for Google Analytics

by Jim Cain

It’s a pretty exciting day in Napkyn history, as we are formally launching a separate spin off company called Babbage Systems.  As of today, Babbage is now open for business around the sale of its flagship product, Analysis Engine. Rather than write up a super-formal press-release-style blog, I thought I would list a few of […]

Managing HiPPO Prime: The CFO

by Jim Cain

It’s been a long few weeks, and one of them was spent in lovely San Francisco at the eMetrics Summit. Of all the industry events, these are my favourite because of the high quality sessions and the number of very talented peers that I get to talk shop with. A few high level themes really stood […]

eMetrics Ottawa – Awesome, Important, Free! (and Napkyn is in the house)

by Jim Cain

For those of you who are part of the digital measurement community, eMetrics summits are probably well known to you. Several times a year, in different parts of the world, all the analysts get together to talk shop, share best practices and keep up to speed on new events – which in this industry are […]