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Everything Old is New Again: Dealing with Data and Privacy It was the year 2013.  I remember it like it was yesterday (mostly because I’m still stuck in a pandemic time warp). Napkyn was two and a half years old, we’d gone from just me to a small team of 3 and most of our […]

We’ve reached a tipping point in data.  Not only is everyone talking about it (my mum confidently quotes stats on the pandemic and talks about trending), it’s everywhere (I just read a book about a supervillain data scientist, advanced stats rule my hockey news feeds, and the level of analysis of data around the 2020 […]

This will be the third and last (for now) in our Napkyn Classics: Smart Thinking Never Goes out of Style” series. All written 10 years ago, they all share not only a pop-culture reference, but have stood the passing of time. If you missed the previous posts you can find them here: “Alfred, Robin, and […]

Last week I posted “Alfred, Robin, and how to be a Great Analyst”, the first in our“ Napkyn Classics: Smart Thinking Never Goes out of Style” series. Like that one, this post was also written 10 years ago but I think it still holds true today.  We use way more pop culture references in the office […]

Recently, I came across some blog posts I’d written in 2011, it was a bit like opening a 10-year-old time capsule. Some of the topics were no longer relevant and somewhat amusing simply because of how far digital measurement has come since they were written, but I was pleased to see that several of them […]

Enterprise marketing leaders know the impact a dedicated analytics department can bring to an organization. Their data analysts allow them to move from talking about the promise of data-driven to realizing the value of being data-driven. Tasked with supplying the executive intelligence & insight that leads to superior decision making, a first rate analytics team […]

In some ways, Napkyn feels very similar in 2020 to the idea I wrote on a cocktail napkin back in 2008.  We’re a firm that only works with data, and we focus on providing direct value to decision-makers inside large businesses. The decisions we’ve made about evolving our practice over the last decade or so […]

Thirteen months ago, there was a common refrain when we were talking to customers and prospects about all the benefits of the Google Analytics 360 stack. They often said, “We like and use the tools, but it doesn’t feel like they are really ready for the large enterprise.” Part of this concern was easily sorted […]

The year was 2009.  It was the worst week of the great recession.  I had just lost my job, with extreme prejudice, an hour before my future wife and I headed to the lawyer’s office to close on our first home that we could no longer afford.   It was a time where only a […]

While we don’t deliberately create these lists, every year over the holidays we have the time and space at the office to talk shop, what our big wins were for the year, what we could have done better, and what we’d like to do next.  Inevitably, we start talking about ‘things we wish were happening’. […]