Jim Cain

Chief Innovation Officer & Founder, Napkyn Analytics

Founding CEO of Napkyn Inc., it was Jim’s curiosity about how data can be leveraged by marketers that led to him establishing the company in 2009. He ideated, delivered and iterated all of the early services delivered by Napkyn to enterprise clients. Jim has a unique ability to connect the dots for where the industry and individual brands will and can go with their data-driven initiatives.

Posts by Jim Cain

There are a  lot of  things happening right now that have a lot of people worried: GA4, the end of current GA, using or not using GA in Europe, the list goes on. But I don’t think any of these are the real issue. The real issue is, why are things changing so quickly right […]

Hi All, and thanks for coming to check out some Napkyn content as you kick off your new year.  If you keep an eye on us, you’ll know it’s been a pretty exciting last few months. I’m an employee for the first time in 13 years, which is a bit of a trip.  Frankly i’m […]

If you’re still reading this series you seem to have bought into my illustration of the problem with why data projects fail in most businesses.  If no one owns data in the way I’ve described in previous posts (see a complete list at the end of this post) then any data initiative will get caught […]

If you missed Part 1 you can read it here. In Part 1 of this post I talked about the battle around data that is occurring between departments in almost every company – collecting it, accessing it, sharing it, governing it, etc.- in order to use it to transform the business. I explained the problems […]

Part 1: A 4 Cs Prologue Whether you’re a midsized company or a billion dollar enterprise, there’s a battle happening in your business that you may not be aware of, and you’d better understand it if you want to turn it into victory. As has been repeated ad nauseum over the last few years, data […]

In March I introduced my 4 C’s Framework in the article “The 4 C’s for Executives: Create, Connect, Control, Commercialize”. In this post, which is really a precursor to the last one, I’d like to talk about data democratization as it relates to this framework.  But let’s step back a bit first. For the last […]

Everything Old is New Again: Dealing with Data and Privacy It was the year 2013.  I remember it like it was yesterday (mostly because I’m still stuck in a pandemic time warp). Napkyn was two and a half years old, we’d gone from just me to a small team of 3 and most of our […]

We’ve reached a tipping point in data.  Not only is everyone talking about it (my mum confidently quotes stats on the pandemic and talks about trending), it’s everywhere (I just read a book about a supervillain data scientist, advanced stats rule my hockey news feeds, and the level of analysis of data around the 2020 […]

This will be the third and last (for now) in our Napkyn Classics: Smart Thinking Never Goes out of Style” series. All written 10 years ago, they all share not only a pop-culture reference, but have stood the passing of time. If you missed the previous posts you can find them here: “Alfred, Robin, and […]