Ed Finn

Senior Practitioner, Analysis

Ed’s passion is turning data into knowledge. As a Senior Practitioner on Napkyn's Analyst Team, Ed is responsible for driving the strategic direction behind some of our largest and most complex programs.

Posts by Ed Finn

By Ed Finn & Chris Wright Napkyn works with enterprise marketing and ecommerce teams, which means we often have our attention fixed on online acquisition and online conversions. But, as we all know, the purchase journey isn’t limited to the web. After getting initially inspired, a customer can learn about your product across multiple web […]

You are an informed marketing leader. You know how to make your website and marketing technology work for you. You understand how good data informs the needs of your business and helps you take effective action. You know that marketing measurement is an iterative process, and have selected your next goals for data enrichment. You’re […]

Yesterday, I had my first speaking gig at eMetrics Chicago. A team member and I flew down and surrounded ourselves with peers, strangers, and old friends to talk about the problems we are struggling with, the ideas in our rear-view mirrors, and speed bumps we anticipate next. There were a lot of good speakers, but […]