Colin Temple

VP, Product

Colin serves as VP, Product for Napkyn Analytics. A diverse background in data, software and marketing and an education in logic and philosophy give Colin a unique perspective on where the analytics practice is, and where it should be.

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Deploying Google Analytics (Via Tag Manager) In An Angular Application

by Colin Temple

Single-page applications often pose a challenge for the deployment of a web analytics tool: if there’s only ever one ‘real’ page loaded, how do you track the views of multiple screens within it? Fortunately, Google Tag Manager has a nice feature that makes this very easy. This post will outline how to use that feature […]

In my previous posts on Google Analytics 360’s BigQuery export, I outlined the basics of the Google Analytics 360-BigQuery integration, and some introductory lessons on how to query the data once you have it. Now, it’s time to get a little more sophisticated. In that first post, I mentioned that Google Analytics 360’s BigQuery export […]

In a previous post, I covered the basics of setting up the Google Analytics 360 BigQuery Export, and covered some details about the schema that export provides. In this post, I want to start digging in to the fun part: querying the Google Analytics data in Google BigQuery. Now, this post requires a very basic […]

So much of digital analytics is an artefact of how it all began, and it began with some pretty serious limitations. Even if you’re a digital analyst by trade, to do your job well you need to start looking at the bigger picture. And then there were hits Digital analytics got its start when people […]

Digital analytics has been maturing over the years, moving from pageviews, through sessions and individual events, to a visitor-centric approach to understanding online activity. Most digital analysts are, at least, coming to the point where they understand that customer journeys are bigger than the last session. Many are well past that point, and are looking […]

Yesterday, Google announced a new feature that it started rolling out to Google Analytics 360 customers in August: data streaming into BigQuery. This offers Analytics 360 customers a great opportunity to start working with more complete near-real-time data much more rapidly than they could before. That’s especially exciting for online retailers nearing their peak season. […]

The best analysts, marketers, and business people today present analyses and answer questions by crafting a narrative that explains the data. Telling a story with data, rather than by simply presenting raw findings, makes it easier for that data to be consumed and understood. The success of this approach has much to do with the way […]

Tracking Pinterest ‘Pin It’, follow buttons and more with Google Analytics

by Colin Temple

Pinterest provides handy ‘Pin It’ buttons to embed on your site, which let Pinterest users share images and corresponding web pages on their pinboards. Pinterest has been a hit, both with the tech-savvy and with many who aren’t otherwise big on social media. Popular pinners can find and promote products they like to many followers, […]

Google paid search (not provided) keywords and analytics

by Colin Temple

In the name of user security and privacy, Google yesterday announced that it will no longer supply information about the keyword to websites receiving ad clicks when the user searches from Google using a secure (HTTPS) connection. From an analytics perspective, that means that the “(not provided)” issue with keywords will now apply to paid […]