Chris Wright


As a Web Analyst at Napkyn Analytics, Chris uses digital data and visualization to tell the story of our clients' performance, helping them make decisions to move from insight to action.

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Data blending on Data Studio dashboards is a powerful feature that allows you to create your own custom rates, including custom metrics and completion/drop-off rates between event-based interactions. Rates are a great way to provide a quick, context-rich measurement of key user interactions with your site. Why Create Your Own Custom Rates Using Data Blending? […]

As a leading Google Partner, Napkyn Analytics is privileged to closely collaborate with many of Google’s analytics and media teams to bring world-class technology and solutions to our clients. With that, we were very proud that Google released a case study on our industry-leading executive dashboarding work with Lucky Brand Jeans that leverages Google Marketing […]

The process of attracting a potential client and closing a sale generally takes a variety of people, each with a unique contribution to the sales process. If you think of your digital marketing channels like a sales team, currently, most reporting provides all the accolades to the team member that happens to be present when […]