This Thursday: Winning in the Cookie-less World, A 4 Step Plan

by Napkyn Analytics

Only four days left to register for our Fireside “Winning in the Cookie-less World: A 4 Step Plan” with Napkyn CEO, Jim Cain and Solution Lead, Joy Brazelle.

The Topic

In this fireside chat, Jim and Joy discuss the “What, Why, and How of the 4 Step plan data-driven Marketers and Agencies are implementing in their proactive approach to the current depreciation, and upcoming disappearance. This plan is helping them not only understand the gap, but fill their existing data gaps, and future proof against the cookie’s extinction in 2022.

You will not want to miss this valuable discussion.


This webinar is a must for:

  • Anyone impacted by the depreciation and upcoming extinction of the cookie.
  • Anyone accountable for making data-driven decisions based on data derived from third and first-party cookies.
  • Anyone whose media allocation currently depends on cookies continuing to be available.
  • Anyone uncertain about replacement options, or suggested alternatives for data currently collected by cookies.
  • Anyone invested in any or all steps in the digital ad process.


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