Napkyn Recharge Week

by Napkyn Analytics

Napkyn will be closing the office Monday, Jun 28th, to Friday, July 2nd. 

The entire company is taking this time off as an opportunity to unplug, recharge, and avoid burnout.

With the pandemic, we’ve all had a stressful year. Ontario, where most of our employees are located, has just come out of a provincial lockdown that began April 3rd, schools have been closed since April 7th and will not reopen until September, and we’re well into our second year of working from home.  

We need a break! 

By having everyone off at the same time, we don’t have to worry about our colleagues having to take on extra work to cover for us, or full inboxes, requests, project updates and other work to catch up on when we are back. 

To get ready, we’re working with our clients to make sure all work in progress, and any coverage needed is planned for, and this time away will not impact or delay any of our commitments. And of course, we have provided contact details in case any urgent matters arise. 

We’ve already let our clients know and we’ve had some fantastic feedback, we couldn’t be happier with the responses we’ve recieved:

Taking this time for our mental health ensures we can continue delivering the level of support and dedication our customers expect from us, and we expect from ourselves. 

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