On-demand Webinar: The 4 C’s of Executives

by Napkyn Analytics

The global embrace of data is creating major stress in businesses. Despite over a decade of using phrases like ‘data-driven’, ‘big data’, ‘data science’ ad nauseum, there really hasn’t been as much progress on running with numbers as most businesses would like.

Since the dawn of digital analytics (aka the ‘late 90s’), there has been a clear and frustrating disconnect between the executives who want data and the analysts who create and work with it. While both groups continue to get closer to each other, we still lack a translation layer between executive needs and analyst efforts.

In over a decade of working with senior management in large enterprises who are having the same struggles, Napkyn CEO, Jim Cain has come up with a helpful framework he calls, ‘The Four ‘C’s of data for Executives’. The purpose of this framework is to allow leadership the ability to strategically think about data in their business, without having to become experts in all the new trends or minutiae of the underlying technologies.

In this on-demand recording, Join Napkyn CEO, Jim Cain, as he explains the ‘4 Cs of Data for Executives’ framework and gives you a solid understanding of how data works to build programs that win.