Webinar: 3 Questions Your Analytics Team Should be Answering Before You Even Ask

by Napkyn

Join Napkyn Analytics on Tuesday, April 20 at 2:00 pm, for “3 Questions Your Analytics Team Should be Answering Before You Even Ask” and you’ll leave with a new way to approach your analytics – asking real business questions, thinking about analytics as more than reports derived by tags on your pages and how to use analytics and common sense to diffuse volatile topics. (Spoiler Alert: There may be more than 3 questions!)

What You’ll Learn:

  • I have GA (Adobe), why do I need GA4?
  • What is my most PROFITABLE campaign/channel?
  • Should we stop advertising – we’ll have no way of knowing what is working with the death of the cookie?

Who Should Attend?

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Directors
  • Anyone who has a team, or is in a team, who is plugged in to what is going on in the digital world and wants another perspective.


Your Host and Presenter for this webinar will be Joy Brazelle, Solution Lead, Napkyn Analytics. Joy has spent over 18 years helping clients use analytics to improve the performance of their websites, SEO, paid search, and other marketing programs, with a brief detour to the FinTech worlds to see how alternative payment options impact the very, very bottom of the funnel. A frequent contributor to the Napkyn blog, some of her recent posts include The Importance of Being Ernest, The Epic Comeback of William Shatner, um I mean the Funnel Report and Applying Moore’s Law to Analytics

Joining Joy is Kristina Homenuck, Napkyn’s Digital Insights Analyst. Kristina is a web analyst who is passionate about actionable data. As part of the Napkyn Analytics team, she shares her extensive GA360 experience and enthusiasm for analytics with the clients. Kristina is also one of our blog authors, her recent posts include New Business Questions that can be EASILY Answered in GA4 and Dual Deploy Checklist: 20 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a GA4 Property.


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