New Business Questions that can be EASILY Answered in GA4

by Kristina Homenuck

A new data model in GA4 brings exciting capabilities that businesses who use Google Analytics to analyse their site and marketing performance need to embrace.

With it comes new questions you can ask, and easily get answers to in GA4, without additional implementation or configurations that will help your business grow:

How much valuable traffic is my marketing efforts bringing? Or, in other words, how many sessions were valuable? 

GA4 introduces a new metric that calculates this exactly. Engaged Session metric is a part of the Acquisition report. It’s calculated as the number of sessions that lasted 10 seconds or longer, or had 1 or more conversion events, or 2 or more page views. We recommend using this metric instead of Sessions to ensure decisions made based on volume of traffic (by marketing channel, by landing page, and so on) are more valuable and actionable. Bot-like traffic will be excluded from the engaged sessions, as well as bounces. Yes, your CR will have a new ‘normal’ percentage, but it will be more accurate. 

How many first-time purchasers and total purchasers do I have for the time period?

First-time purchasers are available in the Monetization report > Overview and calculated as the number of users who purchased for the first time. If you apply segments based on the acquisition channels, you can quickly understand how many first-time buyers these channels bring you and adjust your marketing activities accordingly. 

Total purchasers are calculated as a total number of users who purchased a product. You want this number to grow. Again, if you apply the segments, you will get a general understanding of each channel’s contribution to sales and ultimately, the importance of that channel to your business.

Are users engaged with the content and offerings on the site? Are we targeting the right visitors with our ads? Is the content engaging the visitors who get to the site from these ads? 

GA4 introduces a new metric that represents Average Engagement Time. This is the average length of time the app was in the foreground or the web site had focus in the browser. In other words, this metric shows how many seconds users were doing something on your site, like scrolling or clicking. To understand your campaign performance based on this metric, go to the ‘Acquisition’ report > ‘User Acquisition’ and pick a  ‘User Campaign’ dimension in the table. Average Engagement Time is one of the metrics in the table. 

To understand new user engagement, GA4 introduces the  User Engagement metric, calculated as average engagement time of new users. This metric will help you easily assess how engaged new users are on the website, by showing how relevant acquisition ads were to them. It will help you  decide whether  to continue or adjust the targeted audience or content on the site. Please note, you have to build a custom report in GA4 to leverage this metric.

What is the probability that a user who was active on your app or site within the last 7 days will not be active within the next 7 days? What is the probability that a user who was active in the last 28 days will purchase? Or, what is the revenue expected from all purchases within the next 28 days from a user who was active in the last 28 days?

The most exciting new metrics in GA4 are Churn, Purchase probability, and Revenue prediction. They will answer these questions if you have enough data in your GA property. They will also help you to predict future behaviour of your user base, as well as to monitor the health of your business when baselines are established. In addition, you can create remarketing Audiences based on those metrics and capitalize on this information. 

How long does it take for a user to fill a particular form? How long does it take on average to go through the checkout process? How long does it take? 

There is a neat feature in GA4 in the ‘Funnel reporting’ where you can toggle on the ‘Show elapsed time’ in the funnel that you build, for example, purchase funnel or lead gen funnel and see how much time on average passed between funnel steps.

We challenge you to look beyond the current performance metric you use in your regular dashboard and plan for new ways to think about your business performance!

Kristina Homenuck

Intermediate Analyst

Kristina is a web analyst who is passionate about actionable data. As part of the Napkyn Analytics team, she shares her extensive GA360 experience and enthusiasm for analytics with the clients.

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