Dual-Deploy Checklist: 20 Things to Keep in Mind While Creating a GA4 Property

by Kristina Homenuck

Google has recommended dual-deploy for GA360 and GA4, which I’m sure has you asking a lot of questions like, “What is dual-deploy?”, “How difficult will it be? Where do I start?” and “What do I look for?” I won’t lie, it turns out you have to keep in mind a lot of things to leverage both property types to the fullest. 

Dual-deploy – GA360 and GA4 implemented alongside leveraging mostly the same business requirements

In this guide, I would like to share 20 lessons we learned while drafting a measurement plan for one of the first dual-deployments of GA360 and GA4. 

Measurement Plan – Marketing and UX central source of business requirements and analytical implementation

We had to create a NEW measurement strategy that was covering GA360 implementation along with GA4 implementation for a website and an app whose functionality was very closely aligned. 

You can treat this guide as a CHECKLIST when you go over your strategic measurement planning session to avoid some inconsistencies between the platforms and KPI tracking.

Kristina Homenuck

Intermediate Analyst

Kristina is a web analyst who is passionate about actionable data. As part of the Napkyn Analytics team, she shares her extensive GA360 experience and enthusiasm for analytics with the clients.

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