Napkyn Analytics to Present at the Virtual Data & Analytics Summit 2020

by Tara Landry

Napkyn Analytics Chief Technologist, Nick Bennett, to speak at the Virtual Data & Analytics Summit 2020 hosted by Google, on November 13th.

Napkyn Analytics, a respected leader in enterprise analytics and a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform today announced that Napkyn’s Chief Technologist, Nick Bennett, will be a featured speaker at the Virtual Data & Analytics Summit 2020 on November 13th. An annual invite-only event organized by Google, this year’s Summit, will focus on “Shining a light on DEI (or lack of) in the analytics community while showcasing best in class customer success stories using Google Marketing Platforms.” 

The 2020 Summit  brings together Analytics professionals across the industry to showcase best in class customer success stories using Google Marketing Platform for advanced maturity outcomes. As 2020 has particularly been a time for transformation for many businesses in the pandemic, as well as a historic moment in racial equality in the United States, Google is committed to bringing Analytics professionals together across industries to address DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) in the Measurement space, we can foster a healthy discussion on how best to incorporate diverse talent. 

Napkyn will be speaking on Day 2 of the 2020 Summit which focuses on maturing clients in their digital strategy, highlighting customer success stories. Topics include marrying first-party data through Ada Data Hub, leveraging predicted Lifetime Value (LTV) in Search Ads360, offline to online activity, geo-based attribution, advanced activations, and more. 

Nick will share how Napkyn partnered with two large-scale brands to monitor data quality 24/7 – across elements such as privacy compliance – to create more trust in their first-party data.  The solution was engineered using the capabilities available in Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud. 

Presentation: Your First-Party Data:  Asset or Liability?

Summary: The data-driven brand relies on data that is complete, compliant, current, and accurate to drive actionable analysis, insight generation, and decision making. Data Quality is the foundation and differentiator between first-party data as an asset or a liability. 

When: 3:05pm, Friday, November 13th.

About Nick Bennett

With more than 20 years experience, Nick Bennett is a skilled senior software engineer, digital business consultant and noteworthy leader in the data analytics space. As Chief Technologist, Nick works with enterprise and big-brand companies, leading the development of Napkyn’s capabilities and services in enterprise digital transformation, sophisticated analytics technology implementations, data integration, and data analysis. Driven by a love for problem-solving,  Nick’s goals include helping clients trust the accuracy and completeness of their data and empowering enterprise marketing and technology leaders with everything they need to use data to succeed.

Nick’s diverse background allows him to be equally comfortable speaking in the language and priorities of the CTO,  CDO or CMO and finding alignment to create big change.

Nick holds an Honours, Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering and currently resides in  Ottawa, Canada’s Capital city.  

About Napkyn

Napkyn Analytics is a digital analytics consulting and engineering company with more than a decade of experience helping organizations implement and leverage high quality data to make superior business decisions. Trusted by Fortune 1000 companies across North America, Napkyn delivers world class data management and enablement solutions to data-driven enterprise marketing and technology leaders.

Napkyn is a Google Premier Solution Partner for the Google Marketing Platform and a Certified Google Cloud Service Partner. Napkyn is dedicated to helping empower marketing teams with digital data using the most powerful measurement tools on the market today. 

You can learn more about Napkyn Analytics at or by following Napkyn on LinkedIn and Twitter

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