How Media Agencies Can Grow Media Programs with GA360

by Tara Landry

It’s no secret that in the highly competitive world of data driven marketing, media agencies and enterprises that win are those investing in growing advanced analytics capabilities.

With Google Analytics 360 (GA360) media agencies can begin to deliver new advanced capabilities in marketing analytics, and first-party data audience strategy to succeed through the privacy restrictions and economic pressures of tomorrow. 

Hosted by Nick Bennett, CTO, and Alexandra Reid, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, this on-demand webinar demonstrates the capabilities of Google Analytics 360 that you can implement today to help your customers compete and prepare for the future.

Questions this webinar answers:

  • What is GA360 and how does it fit in the context of the Google Marketing Platform?
  • What are the key elements of GA360? 
  • What are the integration capabilities of GA360 with Google’s AdTech products?
  • How can media agencies best leverage GA360 to drive powerful marketing campaigns? 

You’ll also learn:

  • How GA360 allows you to capitalize on the value of analytics data within your overall advertising strategy.
  • How to measure the who, the how, the where, the what, and the when of digital engagement.
  • All about first-party audience building and segmentation.
  • How GA360 gives you a much more complete view of what engagement and behavior looks like when your customers and prospects are on a particular site.
  • How to generate greater insights so you can speak with greater detail to more specific audiences of customers.

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Tara Landry

Marketing Manager

With more than 20 years of experience as a marketing communications professional, Tara has in-depth campaign experience from conception to analysis and is passionate about content, translating marketing ideas across all organizational levels, and punk rock.

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