And Then There Were Three: A Warm Welcome To Napkyn’s Newest Executive

by Jim Cain

It’s been an exciting year at Napkyn Analytics: we launched our Attribution Enablement programs; launched Data Stack, a new company taking our Google licensing practice to the next level; and brought on a bunch of amazing new customers.  We have new programs in the works, and case studies on the way.

But with major growth comes major complexity.  It is unsurprisingly much harder to ensure a Napkyn level of quality with 30 people versus 10, especially as we continue to push the boundaries on our offering and state of the art.

About a year ago, Nick (Napkyn’s now former President; more on that below) and I talked long and hard about what we felt was the missing ingredient in our growth plans. We quickly came to the conclusion that we needed to grow our executive team.  Between the two of us, there are a number of strengths but what we’d always been missing was someone with a ‘been there, done that’ mentality to grow and operationalize a world class services organization.

We set out to find the right person, and instead of writing a specific job description we made a list of qualities and criteria.  Do we need a world class technologist? Nope, we have Nick. Do we need someone who has experience at driving growth for a consulting business?  Yes. (We couldn’t figure out exactly what I bring to the table. It’s a good thing I’m the founder.) Once we had the list, we were able to focus on the right person, and we sought out to find her.

Together we went through rounds of interviews, frank discussions about the history and future of Napkyn, and planning sessions about what an ideal onboarding experience would look like.  We also realized that the right role already existed – it was to take over as President of Napkyn. The effort required to run a business of Napkyn’s size is significant, and in Nick’s case it kept our best player off the ice.

So, without further ado, I’m pleased and delighted to introduce you all to Jennifer Batley, President of Napkyn Analytics.

Jen joins Napkyn with over two decades of executive-level consulting on customer experience strategies and transformation of global brands. Recognized as a thought leader in the CX space, and a frequent speaker on predictive analytics, Jen has a proven ability to bring new solutions to market. She also spent two years on the leadership team of a multi-billion dollar distribution company where she stood up a broad scope CX team that included digital marketing and ecommerce. Beyond her experience and unflappable nature, she is as deeply focused on customers and staff as we are.

Nick Bennett is moving into a new role that includes owning our corporate strategy and the development of our enterprise technology solutions.  We are excited to work with Jen as the third executive at Napkyn, and partner with her as we continue to grow.



Jim Cain

Founder and CEO, Napkyn Analytics

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