Are You A Google Marketing Platform Partner? Data Stack Has The Licensing You Need

by Jim Cain

Earlier today we had a ‘hello world’ moment for a new company in the Napkyn corporate family (Data Stack website HERE, Twitter HERE), and I wanted to take a quick opportunity to explain what we’re up to and why we think it’s good for the analytics community and Napkyn.

As you may be aware, we aren’t just a full service digital analytics consulting company. We’re also one of the select Premier Google Marketing Platform Certified Sales Partners (Specifically Google Analytics 360, Google Optimize 360 and Google Tag Manager 360).  We’ve been quite successful at selling licensing of these tools along with our services programs, and it has allowed us to become experts at both the products and the analytics platform ecosystem.

Having access to resell Google products has been very beneficial for Napkyn, as it allows us to create a full solution for our clients to ensure their success with digital analytics and optimization.  Being designated as the point person for the software is also important, as it allows Google to know their clients are getting tier one services and support, and Napkyn minimum distraction when it comes to building services programs.  

In Short: It’s good to be the license partner when you’re selling services around the licence.

In our four years of reselling, and half a year of Premier partnership, we’ve also identified a few challenges about licensing sales and the Google software landscape in general:

1. Being a world class support organization is not the same as being a world class services organization

The team that custom builds a sophisticated tag management deployment is totally not the same team that should (or would want to) provide technical support to a licence client.

2. It can be overly hard to get Google 360 software, especially if you already have an agency

There are only a small number of resellers of 360 products, all of whom offer consulting services like analytics, adwords, and display. If a client likes their agency, they aren’t going to switch away from them just to get a product licence.

3. There is a surprising lack of adoption of 360 tools in the midmarket (SME)

Because most of the current 360/GMP resellers focus on larger clients, there are many mid-market clients trying to acquire Google products like Optimize 360, but unable to.

Napkyn has already solved for problem one, and already has a world-class help desk for ensuring that all clients have available and bug free instances of their 360 tooling.  Additionally, the launch of Data Stack allows us to add an additional layer of dedicated service and expertise to our customers.

However, Napkyn could not solve for the other two challenges.  

Clients who are looking to keep working with their existing analytics support organization are unlikely to look to Napkyn for licensing – we compete with their trusted agency for services.

Also, we specialize in full service digital analytics consulting for the large enterprise, carrying out full digital analytics transformation and large ongoing services initiatives – We don’t have a SMB practice.

And so in the winter of 2017-18, we reached a point in our corporate strategy where we had to make a decision:  Do we continue to use our access to 360 licensing as part of our unique selling proposition to large enterprises, or do we have an opportunity to create an exciting new business that brings the value of Google’s 360 tools to a much wider client audience by empowering their certified partner ecosystem.

Enter Data Stack Licensing.

Data Stack is a subsidiary of Napkyn Analytics that has a single mandate: to act as a primary sales and technical support organization for the Google Certified Partner ecosystem (Recently renamed the Google Marketing Platform Partner Program).  The goal for this business is to become the largest reseller of Google 360 products in North America through a channel-first sales strategy.

Any agency that has an up-to-date certification for a product that Data Stack resells may enter into a referral and services agreement that will allow them to get licensing to their customers quickly and with full SLA product support.  Additionally, they will be listed on the license as ‘service partner of record’ to ensure that the licence can be part of the overall training/implementation/reporting solution that they have designed for their client. Clients cannot buy products direct from Data Stack Licensing without an approved service partner.

Any company that has been looking to take their free Google products to the next level with 360/Google Marketing Platform products now has choice.  Data Stack’s full partner ecosystem will be available so that the best fit can be selected.

And Napkyn Analytics?  We’re a partner of Data Stack as well, and we’re going to keep growing our reputation as one of the best strategic partners for enterprise digital analytics (Case in Point: check out this tweet from the CEO of NutriSystem!)

So, if you’re a Google Certified Partner with clients who need Analytics/Optimize/Tag Manager 360 – let’s talk.  We’re excited to help and open for business.



Jim Cain

Founder and CEO, Napkyn Analytics

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