How To Align Marketing And IT Analytics Workflows: Sharing The Sandbox In 2018

by Jim Cain

In every discipline there are truisms that are well known by all but never discussed in public. There are several in our industry (place ad industry reporting joke here …) but one of the most pervasive is around the never ending disagreement between the IT department and the marketing department, especially when it comes to digital.

Having done enterprise analytics consulting for almost a decade I can say with a high level of confidence that outside of one or two specific instances every organization we’ve worked with had a marketing and technology team relationship that ranged between simmering fury and outright hostile.

This topic came up in a partner planning conversation in December with Observepoint, Napkyn’s newest technology partner and one we’re very excited about.  Given that the Observepoint solution is ideal for helping to plan and align marketing and IT infrastructure, they thought it would be an ideal webinar topic.

So, I would like to invite you to join myself and Eric Dumain, Vice President of Product at Observepoint, as we discuss the origins and the impact of unaligned IT and marketing teams.  Don’t worry it won’t be all finger pointing – I’ll be sharing a methodology for alignment and workflow that Napkyn routinely uses, both internally and with our clients.

How to Align Marketing & IT Analytics Workflows: Sharing the Sandbox in 2018
Feb 1, 2pm EST.
Register here

It will be a fun talk and I can’t wait to see all the questions.


Jim Cain

Chief Innovation Officer & Founder, Napkyn Analytics

Founding CEO of Napkyn Inc., it was Jim’s curiosity about how data can be leveraged by marketers that led to him establishing the company in 2009. He ideated, delivered and iterated all of the early services delivered by Napkyn to enterprise clients. Jim has a unique ability to connect the dots for where the industry and individual brands will and can go with their data-driven initiatives.

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