Happy Holidays from the Napkyn Analytics Team

by Jim Cain

Dear Internet,

As I’m sure you are, everyone at Team Napkyn is looking forward to a few weeks of holiday time off and fun in the sun (or as it’s known in Ottawa: Woe in the Snow).

We’ve had a firecracker of a 2017 and continued to grow and learn a lot.  A huge holiday thank you to our amazing customers and industry friends, who allow us to have fun and serve them up world class non-fiction stories about their business.

To some extent, 2017 was the ‘Year of Google Analytics’ for us – our reputation for major roll outs and transformations with the Google 360 Suite has kept us very busy!  Next year, we’re planning to take this further by launching new programs that will allow you to better leverage all the great data your website is generating.

In short – thanks for your friendship, partnership and trust in 2017.  In a few weeks when the eggnog has worn off, we’ll be back in action helping you turn data into decision.


Jim, and Team Napkyn Analytics 

Jim Cain

Founder and CEO, Napkyn Analytics

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