Google Attribution 360 vs Google Attribution

by Alex Reid

Last week, our Analytics 360 Practice Lead Hollis Bowman and I attended a Google event at their NYC headquarters to learn more about the launch of their powerful new marketing measurement tool, Attribution 360. The full day event featured presentations from the Director of the Google Analytics 360 Suite (and former CEO of Adometry) Paul Pellman, and leaders from the Google Product and Partner teams.

While this tool is still under development and full roadmaps cannot be fully communicated at this time, there is some information that can be shared today that we thought would be useful to our community, namely: what’s the difference between the free and paid version anyway? This is a question that is beginning to pop up more frequently in our inboxes as more marketers and IT leaders are looking to learn more about the evolution of the Google Analytics 360 Suite’s capabilities.

Attribution 360 is going to dramatically advance marketers’ capabilities when it comes to measuring the impact of their efforts against return on investment, and attributing that value back to the specific conversion driver. This will include offering more opportunity to understand attributed ROI and much more context on platforms where there is no Google user level data – most notably television. Combine that with easier ways to upload offline data (cost & context), and integrate with other tools and systems (like CRM & call center data), it’s going to be the most advanced tool Google has developed to hammer home its commitment to delivering a 360 view of the customer. I’ll add that it also includes more automated and granular ways to optimize your advertising spend because … well … Google.

Without further ado, for those of you who are keen to learn more about what you can get for free and what comes with the (hefty) pricetag, here’s the most recent rundown of Google Attribution (free) vs Google Attribution 360 (paid)

Google Attribution 360 Google Attribution
Core Attribution Data collection
Expanded data collection ✔* DoubleClick Campaign Manager
1P Bidding Integration ✔* ✔* AdWords, DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Search
Standard Reports (x-device)
Digital Optimizer X
3P Cost Data and Custom Data Upload X
Advanced Features Custom Configuration & Custom Dimensions X
Advanced Reports ✔* X Frequency capping, conversion type comparison
3P Bidding Integration ✔* X Export data-driven attribution conversions to external platform
Data Export ✔* X Google Cloud integration in Attribution 360
Reprocessing X

Questions or comments? Give me a shout and I’ll be happy to help you understand more about Google’s plans for this tool,  how you can determine if your business is a good fit (yes, Google is being very selective), and what you can do to get yourself prepared (data quality and governance are absolutely paramount).

Alex Reid

Lead, Marketing and Partnerships

As the Lead of Marketing and Partnerships at Napkyn Analytics, Alex is responsible for continuously developing Napkyn's leadership position in the industry of digital measurement, and managing our relationships and opportunities with our most strategic industry partners including Google, Tealium, and ObservePoint. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and Twitter! @TechAlly

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