Napkyn Partners with ObservePoint for Tag Governance that Scales

by Alex Reid

The Napkyn Analytics team spent some quality time online with our partner ObservePoint on Thursday to attend their Mobile Analytics Summit, a day of hugely valuable (and free!) sessions led by some of the very best in mobile measurement.

Speakers included  Krista Seiden from the Google Analytics for Firebase team, Chris Slovak from Tealium (who gave a great presentation on the value of identity resolution in data for more effective analysis and marketing), Moe Kiss from The Iconic and many more. We came away with fresh information and intriguing perspectives on what is shaping the industry … and the challenges we are all working to overcome as we push the art of the possible.

A theme of the sessions was data quality assurance. This was not a coincidence, I expect, as ObservePoint is leading the industry in addressing one of the most painful (and distracting) requirements of being an analytics professional today – by automating what was an ongoing manual effort of vetting the quality of tags in a complex and sprawling online environment.

Napkyn recognizes how this solution will benefit our clients and our ability to serve them better. For that reason, we are excited to announce our partnership with ObservePoint, and look forward to extending the benefits of their offering and thought leadership to our clients and community as we continue to evolve our data governance practice.

For those of you who are not yet familiar with ObservePoint, here is a quick overview of their key benefits and solutions:

About ObservePoint

ObservePoint delivers three core benefits to companies that make critical decisions using data:

  1. Efficiency
  2. Confidence
  3. Accuracy

These benefits are delivered through powerful software that automatically monitors and validates your analytics and marketing tags so you can spend less time vetting your data, and more time executing data-driven strategies using data you know you can trust.

How it Works

With hundreds of vendor tags and variables across thousands (and sometimes millions) of web pages, it’s almost impossible to make sure your data is always telling the truth. ObservePoint validates the data from your analytics, advertising channels, tag management systems, and other data collectors automatically. Its software integrates with an ecosystem of hundreds of marketing technologies making it easy to validate any tag across any medium so you find website reporting errors before they happen, and data leaks before they impact revenue.

ObservePoint’s three core product offerings include WebAssurance, AppAssurance, and VideoAssurance. Together as a full Data Quality Assurance Platform, and individually, they automate the validation of your web, mobile, and video’s dynamic and unique tag implementations, ensuring the data they collect is accurate and your tagging strategy is executed to your design.

Where You Can Learn More

ObservePoint has a phenomenal content strategy team which means they regularly produce great whitepapers and webinars on analytics, tag management, governance, and use cases. Here are a few of our favourites:

Fun Tools

ObservePoint stays on the bleeding edge of what they do partly by developing free and helpful tools for professionals to use. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • Website audit: ObservePoint’s patented technology will scan your website to identify errors in your web analytics and other marketing technology deployments. This website audit will also help you identify and fix web tagging issues, web analytics tracking errors, javascript errors, slow-loading pages, and more.
  • TagDebugger: Download ObservePoint’s free debugger to manually spot check data accuracy on each page.
  • ObservePoint Labs: A proving ground for early prototypes, solution concepts and freemium applications, ObservePoint Labs provides add-on tools that integrate with existing solutions to enhance your analytics efficiency and accuracy – all housed in the simple framework of a free Google Sheets Add-on. (Check out the SDR Builder.)

Did You Hear About Validate 2017?

Validate 2017 is ObservePoint’s technical hands-on bootcamp for data governance teams and analytics professionals to evolve their analytical skills and drive more results using marketing technology. This year is in Park City Utah from September 20-22 and includes a ton of fun activities like trail biking and concerts. Check it out!

As the Lead of Partnerships at Napkyn Analytics, I am looking forward to developing a strong relationship with the ObservePoint team. Check back with us here, on Twitter, and LinkedIn for more news from our Partners as it happens.

Alex Reid

Lead, Marketing and Partnerships

As the Lead of Marketing and Partnerships at Napkyn Analytics, Alex is responsible for continuously developing Napkyn's leadership position in the industry of digital measurement, and managing our relationships and opportunities with our most strategic industry partners including Google, Tealium, and ObservePoint. Connect with Alex on LinkedIn and Twitter! @TechAlly

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