Introducing: The Digital Analytics Power Hour

by Jim Cain

Happy 2015 everyone!

I tend to write at least one blog post a year where I promise that we will get better at consistent blogging. We are just too darn busy doing analysis to remember to blog about it, and it’s a shame — we have a lot to share.

While I hope we step it up on the writing side this year, I am working to resolve the communication issue. ‘Cause I miss you, Internet, and there’s so much we can talk about.

With that in mind, I would like to use this opportunity to announce today’s launch of the Digital Analytics Power Hour, a twice monthly podcast featuring the unstructured musings of myself, Tim Wilson from Web Analytics Demystified and Michael Helbling from Search Discovery.

When Tim initially approached me, to be honest I didn’t think I could say yes. I’m too darn busy, and I hate to commit to things and not follow through. Obviously I changed my mind, and the reasons why are the same reasons I think you should become a listener:

  1. Commitment:  One of the things that drives me nuts is when a good blog or podcast isn’t consistent in publishing (see paragraph 1: Napkyn blog). A lot of work has been put into ensuring that we keep our commitment of twice monthly. We have been in planning for several months, and have already recorded the first 3 episodes. If you choose to be a listener you can expect regular episodes.
  2. Competition: Michael, Tim and I all do the same job, for different companies. This concept came from us sitting at the pub during a measurement conference and talking shop. We realized that our discussions about the analytics space might be super valuable to other people. So if you want to hear a combined 50+ years of experience in digital analytics riff on topics and best practices, this is the place for you. We’re not going to be sharing customer lists any time soon, but we’re really enjoying sharing ideas.
  3. inClusiveness (I’m trying to preserve the alliteration):  While each episode has a very closed topic (this week’s is “Becoming A Better Analyst”), the format for discussion is very open. We really wanted to capture the essence of three guys having pints and talking shop. To that end the episodes should have something for everyone, regardless of their experience in the field. If you like measurement, and the odd pop culture reference, you’ll love the podcast.

So, give it a listen. Here’s the first episode on Becoming a Better Digital Analyst:

And there it is, my pitch.  I’d love it if you liked the Facebook page, followed us on Twitter, signed up on iTunes or LibSyn, and gave us lots of comments and feedback.  Think we’re wrong?  Shout out. Have two cents of your own to share? Write it up and post it.  If a podcast falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, then… I’ve butchered a metaphor.



Jim Cain

Founder and CEO, Napkyn Analytics

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