eMetrics Ottawa – Awesome, Important, Free! (and Napkyn is in the house)

by Jim Cain

For those of you who are part of the digital measurement community, eMetrics summits are probably well known to you. Several times a year, in different parts of the world, all the analysts get together to talk shop, share best practices and keep up to speed on new events – which in this industry are happening all the time.

If you have attended an eMetrics event, you know how awesome they are.  After spending several months fighting to get people to care about data, you get to spend a few days with peers, talking shop and having a pint or two. They are honestly the most enjoyable shows I do all year.

Full disclosure: I try and get to as many eMetrics shows as I can, and have had the privilege to have spoken at several of them. So I have a bit of a bias.

In an attempt to help foster Ottawa’s fast growing analyst community, and also drive some awareness of eMetrics and the DAA, there will be a half-day event taking place January 17th in the Byward Market. Unlike the summits, which do have attendance fees, the Ottawa event will be free of charge, which is my favourite price.

Now, normally when a major organization puts on a free event, they send in the B team. Except for one speaker (last one on the list), eMetrics has put up some of the best minds in the business.

Jim Sterne: Founder of the DAA and eMetrics, and best selling author on eMarketing, Mr. Sterne is flying in from Santa Barbara to speak personally.  Jim is one of the best speakers on measurement in the world, and is worth the price of admission.  (Given that it’s a free event it doesn’t come out like a compliment, but trust me – he’s amazing).

Stephane Hamel: Stephane is one of the best known digital analysts in the country, and is a pioneer in both analytics maturity modelling and analytics training.  He is coming down from Quebec City to share some of the insights garnered in his work around the world.

Kelly Kubrick: While Kelly is known around North America for her analyst chops, she also happens to be one of the most sought after analysts in Ottawa (she’s local!).  True story, it was after a lunch with Kelly years ago that I decided to change careers and become an analyst.  If you are an analyst in Ottawa, odds are good that, at some point, someone paid Kelly to train you.

Alan Wille: Alan is the CEO of Klipfolio, both an Ottawa based company and pioneer in dashboard technology. Alan and his team were light-years ahead of everyone when they realized the need for solid internal dashboards, which they are now powering inside major enterprises globally.

Me: Someone else couldn’t make it.

Whether you are a member of Ottawa’s fast growing measurement community, or a digital/marketing/sales executive who wants to hear some of the best minds in the business (and me) talk about best practices for winning with data, you need to check out this show.  Once it’s over, you’ll have a ton of great new ideas – and probably plans to check out the eMetrics summit in Toronto later this year.



PS.  I know this is a fanboy style post, and I am normally more of a snarky writer.  That’s how good I think this event is.

Jim Cain

Founder and CEO, Napkyn Analytics

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