True New Visitors and institutional change

by Ben Myers

One of the most rewarding aspects of doing web analysis for my clients is seeing them buy into the concepts and recommendations that I make.

Rather than thinking of web analysis as purely a reporting medium, when clients see that the insight from web analytics is relevant to their business and actionable, everyone wins.

Often, Napkyn takes on clients who have vast experience in marketing and merchandise, but are not accustomed to using these same skills on the web.

The True New Visitor

During a Napkyn brainstorming session, we had to think of a term for new visitors to a client website who had no prior knowledge of the client’s brand (I’ll save the custom segment secret sauce for a later blog post). Calling these visitors simply ‘new visitors’ wouldn’t be correct, because they have some previous interaction with the company’s brand.

So we called this segment of website visitors ‘True New Visitors’.

A few weeks later, looking at an internal document from this client, I found them using the same term. This is great news! It shows that we were able to have an impact on the client’s means of thinking about their web traffic. They have another conceptual tool in their arsenal and are better equipped to address their website visitors.

This is among the most rewarding aspects of my job: When a client can benefit from our web analysis and then take these concepts and use them across their business.

Stay tuned for how to create your own True New Visitor segment using custom segmenting in Google Analytics.

Ben Myers


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