Web analyst salary update

by Ben Myers

A new salary guide produced by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada reinforces what Napkyn has been telling potential clients for about a year now: In-house Web Analysts can cost some serious coin.

The guide shows that Senior Web Analyst salary starts at $60,000-70,000 and goes up with five or more years of experience.

The salary guide also lists a Director of Web Analytics salary starting at $85,000 and reaching $100,000+ with seven or more years of experience.

IAB Canada describes the Senior Web Analyst as having the following responsibilities:

  • Supports the analytic needs of various business units by analyzing Web traffic using various analytic and clickstream tools
  • Uses standard tools to produce reports relating to outcomes
  • Creates holistic dashboards by pulling data from different data sources and Websites for presentations to senior management team
    Collaborates with external partners to assist with data collection and reporting
  • Leads core insight development from the data to suggest, create and execute multivariate or a/b/c tests that drive fundamental improvements to the site experience

The Napkyn Analyst Program covers all the above responsibilities while giving our clients access to a team of web analysts and years of combined experience.

The web analyst salary at Napkyn starts at $3,000 per month. I’ll let you do the math.

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Ben Myers


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