E-tailers Against Hunger kicks off this fall

by Jim Cain

I am working on the follow up post to the Moore’s Law piece, but in the interim I wanted to write a brief post to ask a quick few questions:

  • Are you an online retailer?
  • Do you want to grow your conversion rate?
  • Do you use PayPal?
  • Do you want to help starving children?

Nuff said.  If you answered the first two questions with ‘Yes’, click here and sign up for the World Food Program’s partnership with PayPal – called E-tailers Against Hunger – for Global Hunger week in October of this year.

The program works like this:

When someone is making a purchase on your site with PayPal, they have the ability to add one dollar to their purchase to support the WFP.

This dollar will feed a kid for a week.

Now research done by PayPal has shown that 75% of Americans think the companies they shop from should have causes they support, and that having causes supported by your business has a definitive impact on your conversion rate.

I think that tying specific causes to specific payment types will potentially have a negative impact on conversion rates (i.e.  I don’t use PayPal, but I don’t want to be a jerk and not support the WFP – I don’t feel like buying anymore…).

But I was told by members of the PayPal and WFP teams that this issue was being addressed so that anyone could contribute with any payment type.

Sometimes I pitch my ideas pretty hard, but this one should sell itself.

If you sell online and use PayPal, make sure you are a part of the push behind this years Global Hunger week online fundraiser. If even 52 of your customers add a single dollar to a transaction with you, you have fed a hungry kid for a year.


Jim Cain

Founder and CEO, Napkyn Analytics

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