Web analyst – an elusive animal

by Ben Myers

June Dershewitz recently wrote on the Online Behaviour blog about her career as a web analyst and the trajectory of those who are relatively new to the field of web analytics. Her excellent piece described some trends in staffing web analysts – but for those with little time or short attention spans, I’ll sum it up in two words: very difficult.

She describes that hiring a web analyst (like those here at Napkyn) can be difficult because most of these individuals:

-Move quickly from project to project, out of either desire for variety or need for stimulation;

-Manage several projects outside their full-time responsibilities – June describes her experience with the WAA and keeping up her social media profile, or;

-Are frustrated by the glass ceiling (The desire to move up in the organization).

As the latest web analyst hire here at Napkyn, I can honestly say that I’ve encountered some of these difficulties. For instance, my previous analytics-related gig lasted only four months.

You can tell the Napkyn Analyst Program is built for analysts (but with clients definitely in mind) because it attempts to remedy some of these recurring web analyst complaints.

At the moment, I’m handling five client accounts, and being supported by a Senior Analyst. That’s certainly enough variety for me. Rotating through these accounts gives my brain some new material to ponder while picking up best practices along the way.

Working in a team of web analysts is a great environment too. Money-making ideas are thrown across the room like nerf footballs. I try to catch the ones that are best for my clients.

Though most of these clients are ecommerce-related, they have a variety of goals and tools in mind. Whether it’s ‘voice of customer’ tools, heat mapping, search engine optimization, email marketing, or a focus on paid search ROI, I’m never at a loss of topics to research.

And though we try to maintain a solid website and active social media profile, Napkyn web analysts are not freelancers – new business is fine and dandy, but keeping our current clients happy is even better. So that’s where my attention goes.

Overall, it’s about keeping analysts happy, and our clients too.

These are just a few of the perks the Napkyn Analyst Program – we’re pretty proud of it and we’d like to hear what you think.

Ben Myers


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