Notice anything different?

by Ben Myers

A lot of changes and progress have occurred at Napykn over the past few months. The biggest change? Me. I’m Ben. Happy to be on board as the new digital analyst (and blogging enthusiast). But that’s not all.

We’ve re-vamped the blog, as you can see. And along with this spiffy new template, we’re re-committing ourselves to posting new and interesting articles on a regular basis. Jim’s got a great one lined up for April 1 that’s going to open some eyes, and I’ll also be contributing a few anecdotes during April.

The best part about our blog is that it’s the result of our everyday interactions with our digital analysis clients and their data. When we notice something cool, we’ll be throwing it up here for you to pick apart. Also, expect to see news and notes from around the office and the internet as a whole.

Ben Myers


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