We Tell
the Story
Behind the Data

Our Analytics Implementa­tion Specialists plot your technical environment to produce detailed, accurate data. Analysts tell the story behind your data through compelling visualizations and executive consultation. Together, we reveal more about your customer's needs and your business's success in fulfilling them.

Superior Executive Intelligence For
Superior Executive Decisions

We know what it takes to use data to succeed. By joining our portfolio of some of the most influential retail and ecommerce clients, you will learn what it means to remove assumption from the equation. We partner with your most strategic Marketing, Technology, and Finance executives and provide information and counsel for intelligent decision making.

Your Google
Analytics 360 Suite

A top Google Partner and Reseller globally, we have the insider knowledge and expertise to help you assess the 360 Suite opportunity for your enterprise. Napkyn's proactive Accounts team and enhanced business services will ensure you get the most strategic value from your analytics tool of record.

We Do

  • Analytics implementa­tion, integration, and configuration

  • Tag Management

  • Enterprise data analysis

  • Dashboarding and data visualization

  • Google Analytics 360 licensing and support

  • Training and data governance

It's time to understand how your marketing and technology investment is working for you.

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